Economically Advantageous Solution


The cost of Fiberbinder® is approximately 8-10 DKK per square meter excluding VAT, depending on the purchased quantity.

The coverage rate is approximately 8-10 square meters per liter.

Fiberbinder’s app for quality assurance documentation is free to use.

Battery-powered backpack sprayer – 1.700 DKK excluding VAT

The FiberbinderMethod® is an economically advantageous solution to a significant occupational health challenge.

Fiberbinder® is a new and groundbreaking product that significantly improves the working environment, but it does not replace the measures that need to be taken in accordance with asbestos regulations and applicable guidelines, including requirements for cleaning, containment, and personal protective equipment.

The FiberbinderMethod® is an addition to existing solutions, and in the short term, it represents an additional cost.

However, it should be considered that a safe and healthy working environment is difficult to quantify in monetary terms.

Furthermore, it should be taken into account that by incorporating the FiberbinderMethod® as a regular extension of the cleaning process, it can provide greater assurance that the planned schedules will be adhered to.

Additionally, it should be considered that as a client, not only are you contributing to improving the physical working environment, but you are also enhancing safety and security for both workers, residents, and others in the vicinity.