Areas of application

Fiberbinder® is a new Danish solution that fixes fibers and dust, reducing the risk of inhalation and spreading.

The FiberbinderMethod® has many applications and is currently used by demolition contractors, construction companies, and private individuals who want to improve the working environment and limit the spread of hazardous fibers.

Below are some points that provide more information about the different applications of the FiberbinderMethod®.

Attic spaces

Attic spaces where it is not possible to remove all asbestos fibers or mineral wool fibers using vacuuming

Mineral Wool

Mineral wool bats before they are removed.​

Roof Tiles

Asbestos-containing corrugated fiber cement sheets and slate-cement roofs before they are dismantled.

Other Areas of Use

Other asbestos-containing objects before they are dismantled, e.g. boilers and pipe bends.

Other Historisk Dtøv

Other historical dust or in areas where you would like to minimize the nuisance from dust in general while working.