Attic Spaces

One of the primary applications of the FiberbinderMethod® is in attic spaces that have been asbestos-sanitized and cleaned. Often, it is not possible to vacuum all asbestos fibers completely, which poses a significant health risk for subsequent workers and inspectors who need to access and work in the area.

With the FiberbinderMethod®, it is possible to fixate the fibers that cannot be completely removed by vacuuming, thereby minimizing the risk of subsequent workers disturbing and inhaling the fibers.

Fiberbinder® penetrates into cracks, crevices, and joints where it is not possible to vacuum out fibers, effectively fixing them in place.

There are often hard-to-reach areas where thorough vacuuming may be difficult or impossible. In such cases, Fiberbinder® can be used to fixate the fibers, preventing them from becoming airborne and potentially ending up in the lungs of workers and inspectors who need to access the area.

By utilizing the FiberbinderMethod® in attic spaces, the risk of fiber release and subsequent inhalation can be significantly reduced, providing a safer working environment for those who need to work in or access these areas.