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Fiberbinder’s free app provides instructions for the FiberbinderMethod® and makes it very easy to create quality assurance documentation.

At Fiberbinder®, we strive to make it as easy as possible to improve the working environment. Therefore, in collaboration with Molio – the Construction Industry Knowledge Center – we have developed this free digital solution that provides clear and straightforward instructions on how to perform the FiberbinderMethod®.

The instructions are provided in Danish, German, English, and Polish, and they are presented in both text and short video clips.

Fiberbinder’s free app also allows for easy and quick creation of quality assurance documentation following the fiber binding process.

Once the work is completed, you can take photos of the area directly in the app. The app guides you on how many photos to take and from which areas.

After adding the photos to the app, along with the relevant information about the case, they are compiled into a PDF document and sent via email.

In practice, this means that immediately after completing the work, you can import the PDF document into your BIM software, such as Dalux, Ajour, and others.

What you’ll find in Fiberbinder’s free app:

*Please note that the app is only accessible via the link on the website and cannot be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.


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