No Harmful Substances

Fiberbinder® does not compromise on environmental and safety aspects, and therefore, we have developed our product to be safe for humans, the environment, and the surfaces it is applied to.

Fiberbinder® is easily biodegradable and does not pose any health or environmental concerns. The product does not contain any solvents, no PFAS and does not release any gases.

As a result, Fiberbinder® does not have any classification and labeling (MAL) codes or VOC labeling, and there are no hazard symbols on the product.

The safety data sheet and technical data sheet for Fiberbinder® can be obtained here.

Because Fiberbinder® is developed to be safe for humans, the environment, and the surfaces it is applied to, the FiberbinderMethod® can be performed without prior authorization. Simply follow the instructions provided in the accompanying user manual and in Fiberbinder’s free app, which can be accessed here. However, it is recommended to work in collaboration with an advisor to ensure proper application of the product.

Until now, various other products have been attempted to address the challenge of not being able to vacuum all asbestos fibers away. These have included the use of water glass, paint, microdispersions, and other forms of surface treatments.

Several of these traditional products contain problematic substances that can be corrosive, allergenic, flammable, or non-biodegradable, posing risks to the individuals applying the products, as well as to the environment and the surfaces they are applied to.

With the FiberbinderMethod®, a significant improvement in the working environment is achieved without compromising on health, the environment, or the lifespan of the materials.

Benefits of Fiberbinder®:


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