The FiberbinderMethod® creates a safer working environment

Fiberbinder® is a company that creates safer working environments, and it is our mission to minimize the risk of inhaling and dispersing health-hazardous fibers from asbestos and mineral wool as well as other forms of historical dust.

Too many craftsmen and inspectors are still exposed to health-hazardous fibres and if changes are not made this will lead to illness and deaths for many years to come.

The FiberbinderMethod® is a new Danish solution which fixes fibers and limits the risk of inhalation and dispersion. The FiberbinderMethod® can be performed by everyone, it has many areas of application,
and it is used today by both demolishers, contractors, and individuals who have a desire to improve the working environment and limit the risk of the spread of fibers harmful to health.

Advantages of the FiberbinderMethod®

Significant Improvement of the Working Environment

Fiberbinder® minimizes the risk of craftsmen inhaling asbestos and mineral wool fibers as well as other historic dust.

Reduces the number of fibers in the air by up to 97%

Fiberbinder® fixes the fibers in cracks and crevices so that they are not subsequently swirled up.

Not a
sealing product

Fiberbinder® is water-soluble and allows the construction to breathe.


Fiberbinder® has been thoroughly tested both in practice and in laboratory tests, and the effect is well documented.

No Harmful

Fiberbinder® is easily degradable and does not contain any substances that are subject to labelling, harmful to health or environmentally problematic.

to use

Fiberbinder® is delivered ready to use and is applied quickly and easily with a battery-operated backpack sprayer.

Advantageous Solution

The FiberbinderMethod® is an economically advantageous solution to a major work environment challenge.


Fiberbinder’s free app contains instructions on the FiberbinderMethod® and makes it very easy to prepare quality assurance documentation.

The FiberbinderMethod® explained

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Our customers say


More and more people realizes the benefits of using Fiberbinder® as a supplement to the cleaning and extraction process in connection with remediation work with asbestos and mineral wool.

Below you can see a selection of the many companies that use Fiberbinder®: