Mineral Wool

Fiberbinder® can be used for moistening mineral wool before folding it together and placing it in bags.

Fiberbinder® is used for moistening with the aim of minimizing the risk of fiber spread to the surroundings and reducing the amount of dusty fibers that complicates subsequent cleaning.

At Fiberbinder®, it is our clear stance that asbestos-contaminated mineral wool should be removed and replaced with new mineral wool as much as possible. Fiberbinder® must under no circumstances be used as an alternative to removing contaminated mineral wool or as a substitute for thorough cleaning and vacuuming.

When using Fiberbinder® for moistening during mineral wool removal, adhesive labels are provided for the asbestos bags, clearly indicating that the content is fiber-bound, thus minimizing the risk of spread if the bags are accidentally damaged during subsequent handling.

Signs are also provided for placement at the site, informing people in the area that the FiberbinderMethod® is being used to minimize the risk of fiber spread.

Furthermore, information flyers are provided that can be distributed to residents and parents of children in institutions/schools undergoing remediation, informing them that the FiberbinderMethod® is being used to minimize the risk of fiber spread.

When using Fiberbinder® for moistening, it is important to apply it only to the material that needs to be removed and not to areas that will be subsequently vacuumed.
Fiberbinder® kan anvendes til befugtning af mineraluld, før mineralulden foldes sammen og puttes i poser.


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