Roof Tiles

Fiberbinder® can be used as a wetting agent on asbestos-containing corrugated fiber cement sheets and slate-cement roofs before they are dismantled.

When wetted with water, there is often rapid evaporation, significantly reducing the water’s ability to fixate fibers while the roof sheets are being dismantled and placed in bags.

By wetting with Fiberbinder®, one can ensure that the fibers are fixated throughout the entire period until the roof sheets are packed in bags. Additionally, the advantage of using Fiberbinder® is that its higher viscosity prevents it from running off the roof sheets to the same extent as water does.

When the asbestos bags containing the roof sheets are transported to a landfill and handled during both transport and disposal, it can happen that the bags are damaged and dust containing asbestos fibers is released.

By treating the contents of the asbestos bags with Fiberbinder®, the fibers are fixated during transport and handling at the landfill, minimizing the risk associated with damage to the bags.

When using Fiberbinder® as a wetting agent during dismantling, adhesive labels are provided for the asbestos bags to clearly indicate that the contents are fiber-bound.

Signs are also provided to be displayed at the site, making it visible to people in the area that the FiberbinderMethod® is being used to minimize the risk of fiber dispersion.

Information flyers are distributed to residents and parents of children in daycare centers/schools, etc., undergoing asbestos removal, informing them that the FiberbinderMethod® is being used to minimize the risk of fiber dispersion.

When using Fiberbinder® as a wetting agent, it is important to apply it only to the material being removed and not to areas that will subsequently be vacuumed.


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