Not a sealing product

Fiberbinder® is not a sealing product, and it does not create a new surface that encapsulates fibers together with the construction.

Instead, Fiberbinder® is a water-soluble liquid that penetrates into cracks and crevices while allowing the construction to breathe. In this way, Fiberbinder® fixes the fibers in their current location, rather than encapsulating them with a new, hard surface.

This significantly distinguishes Fiberbinder® from competing products that encapsulate fibers along with the construction.

With Fiberbinder®, the following advantages are achieved:

During the development of Fiberbinder®, it was essential to create a product that does not damage the structures it is applied to and does not have the same challenges as competing products.

A significant amount of research and development work has gone into creating Fiberbinder®, and the product is internationally patented as a result.