Fiberbinder® is part of NIRAS GREEN TECH HUB!

Fiberbinder® is part of NIRAS GREEN TECH HUB!

On Linkedin NIRAS writes;

We are kicking off the new year by welcoming three new startups to the hub! First up, we are happy to announce Fiberbinder® as a new resident in NIRAS GREEN TECH HUB.

“My driving force is to create a healthy work environment for my colleagues,” says founder Jesper Haunstoft.

Fiberbinder® is a sticky liquid that binds potentially harmful airborne fibers to the surface on building sites to reduce the health risk for people working on site. The liquid is applied on the surface after the obligatory sanitizing as an extra safety measure.

With a background in construction, the importance of safe and clean building sites is close to Jesper Haunstoft’s heart.

“It has been a challenge in the remediation and demolition industry to deliver completely clean surfaces. No matter how well you sanitize and clean, there is always a possibility that small asbestos fibers or mineral wool will remain in areas that are difficult to access. Fiberbinder® is that extra security to reduce the risk,” he says.

Jesper Haunstoft is looking forward to moving the startup into NIRAS Green Tech Hub. “It’s going to make a great impact to be able to get advice from NIRAS specialists, and I hope it will help accelerate our growth”.

Stay tuned in the coming days, as we announce, what other startups will join the hub.

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